Monday, May 23, 2011

BALI Latest Updates

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Top in the news - Spirited protests are underway by unlicensed taxi drivers in Bali. Read our Editorial examining the many sides to those protests and whom we think really is to blame for the current brouhaha.

There are two stories on what has become a weekly serial installment on the Best Western Kuta. Badung officials are apparently preparing criminal charges and planning to tear the hotel down.

We examine why it's largely inevitable that fuel prices will rise in Indonesia in the near future; an update on the Sarbagita Mass Transit bus system now promised to commence in June; and an amnesty offered to those who want to re-register their non-Bali motor vehicles to obtain "DK" plates.

In aviation news, Mandala has managed to find two new partners, as it once again prepares to take to the skies.

Read how the agricultural sector, now ranked as the #1 source of employment in Bali, will soon move to the #2 slot after tourism sometime in this year.

In development news, there's a crackdown underway against overloaded goods trucks; we examine why efforts to sort organic from non-organic garbage in Bali just isn't working; why the socialization of condom use is urgently needed to stop the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS; and how the Bali Safari and Marine Park is instilling an environmental awareness on its visitors.

Hotel news looks at the interplay of foreign currency values on Bali's tourism industry; announces new appointments at the Four Seasons Resorts Bali; and shares how the Bali Hotels Association is training hotel workers to fight terrorism through surveillance detection.

We also have a "must see" trailer from a new documentary on "Bali – The Island of Dogs."

Feeling generous? Give the gift of life on your next trip to Bali. Your help is needed, especially if you have "O" negative blood.

Coming events:
• Come join the Cabaret organized by the Bali Bash on behalf of South Australian and Bali charities on Friday, June 11th.
• "Regalia – The Enchanted Forest" premieres on Saturday, June 4, 2011 and commences three performances every Thursday, Friday at Saturday -starting on June 9th.
• BIZNET Bali International Triathlon on Sunday, June 26, 2011
• Bali International Women's Association (BIWA) Bazaar is Sunday, June 12, 2011.

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