Monday, February 21, 2011

BALI – latest updates

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Another busy news week at Bali Update. Top news items include a request from Bali's governor to Karangasem to halt the issuance of permits fpr illicit roadside "kafes." New taxes being introduced for foreign films screenings threaten to end the showing of Hollywood productions on more than 500 commercial screen nationwide.

In other news, farmers making salak wine in Bali are finding it difficult to expand their production due to high taxes that must be paid in advance.

Development news includes a call to provincial leaders to pay more attention to road repair. The creation of a special sub-committee at the Bali House of Representatives to defuse the increasing volatile debate over island zoning. And a somewhat incredulous suggestion from a Bali business leader that it's perhaps time for Bali farmers to move on to other islands to make room for more tourism development. Whatever happened to people-focused tourism?

Hotel news: There's an angry response from a Kuta hotel to unsubstantiated Australian press reports of Legionnaire's disease at their hotel. In a related story, the Hotel and Restaurant Association has issued a call for routine screening for Legionnaires disease at all starred hotels. And, finally, the BTDC denies reports that a water park is being constructed illegally within their complex at Nusa Dua.

Aviation coverage brings more commentary on Garuda's poor performance in its IPO. There's news that Mandala may not manage its promised return to flight operations. And Cyclone Carlos shuts down flights between Bali and Darwin, Western Australia for two days.

A free concert was held in Ubud to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among Balinese youth.
Looking ahead: Bali will host a Global Spa Summit in May 2011 and food guru David Wolfe will appear in Bali for one day on March 12, 2011. David, by the way, thinks chocolate is a health food. In the words of Margaret Thatcher: Now, there's a man I can do business with!

There's also an editorial examining the boast of a new hotel being built in Bali claiming they will be the tallest or the highest hotel on the island. Truth or rhe height of silliness? Read on.

As Bali moves towards the day of absolute silences on March 5, 2001, there are a number of articles addressing "Nyepi-related" topics. The broadcasting commission is requesting that ALL broadcasts on and to Bali be halted for 24-hours on March 5th, including cable and satellite transmissions. Bali Hotels are being urged to adopt a "low-profile" in promoting "Nyepi" holiday packages. And plans have been announced to shut down traffic all day in the village of Jimbaran on March 4th to facilitate a massive "Ogoh-Ogoh" and "Belaganjur" parade and competition.

Just some of the articles in this week's Bali Update.

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