Sunday, October 18, 2009


A few hours ago I watched in Sydney the first release of the movie "Not Evil Just Wrong" which did a very convincing job of countering AlGore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth".

"Not Evil Just Wrong" discussed the threat posed by Al Gore and his friends to the livelihoods of American workers and their families, especially the coal mining families of Kentucky. The same threat applies to the very large number of Australians who earn their living directly from the coal industry and from power generation.

Here is a statement from the website of the Greens: /The Greens want coal fired power to be phased out in place of clean, renewable energy/. Such a policy is a recipe for disaster for Australia, and for
millions of poor people around the world whose hope for a better future depends upon cheap energy.

From my earliest years I was brought up to respect coal miners. Myuncle Stanley Hodgson was a coal miner who lost his life underground.

Watching the movie I was reminded that coal miners in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and the USA - in addition to being among the first to put on a uniform in the cause of liberty - made a huge contribution to the industrial muscle which made possible the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The same industrial muscle gave the Free World the strength to stand firm against the Soviet Union so that the Nations of Eastern Europe are free today. The same industrial muscle has brought unprecedented prosperity and life expectancy and huge quantities of aid to help the world's poorest people.

Now a bunch of self serving elitists want to turn their backs on that proud heritage with an overt campaign to abolish coal mining. And for what? For the sake of an anti-humanity ideology coupled with the scientifically heretical assertion that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

Coal is a gift from God, and each one of the brave people who have mined coal or are mining it now has done more for civilization than a hundred Al Gores.

So I am pleased to offer the following satirical poem. You are authorised to distribute it widely, provided that the note under the title is incorporated, intact.

With all good wishes

Michael Darby

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WE REALLY HATE COALMINERS, they are tearing up the ground

They dig out coal for energy and spread it all around

They keep folk warm in winter and cook their food to eat

A better fuel for peasants would be camel dung or peat.

Coal powered all those steamships that let people roam at will

And ran the stinking railways – how we hate that whistle still.

The masses need not travel, they should stay close to their caves

So we who are the masters will know where to find our slaves.

We’re leading a religion, it’s the worship of Great Gaia

Each wicked non-believer must be branded as a liar

The skeptics and deniers will be cast onto the pyre

All praise the priests of darkness who tend the temple fire.

We really hate coalminers as we have said before

But now the truth is out there, we hate people even more

All humans are a viral plague upon this planet earth

Each woman spreads the plague around just by giving birth

If we can stop coal mining lots of people won’t get fed

And then the cold will get them and they’ll quickly drop down dead

There’s room upon this planet for just a few of us

So why don’t all the rest of you give up without a fuss?

Cease raising rotten children, forget you have a soul

Breed no more sheep or cattle and *don’t dare go mining coal*.

For friends in the media:

The note below the title is not obligatory for publication in newspapers and journals. However I would appreciate the line: Copyright M Darby 2009. To help pay a composer and an animator to upgrade this work please donate through PayPal to . Copyright Michael Darby, Sydney Australia, 18 October 2009. To maximise its impact, this satirical piece requires the work of a musical composer and an animator. To help me meet those costs, please make a donation through PayPal to If you are a supporter of Reverend the Hon Fred Nile MLC or a member of the Christian Democratic Party, the party which is strongly opposed to any form of Carbon Tax or Emissions Trading Scheme, please *do not* send money to me. Instead, please make a donation by cheque to the Christian Democratic Party, 9 Exeter Road Homebush West NSW 2140.

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  1. Global warming is a fraud.

    There have been historical periods where the Earth was significantly warmer than it is now. One such period was when Rome was at it height, of which global cooling helped to cause it collapse (the "Vandals" invaded Rome because their Central Asian homelands were getting too cold). Wine making went on in Finland during the time of Rome. An earlier time (around 3,500 BC) had even warmer temperatures than the time of Rome. This is when Egypt was at its height.

    Historically, mankind has prospered better during periods of global warming than periods of global cooling. Global warming, if it was real, would be a great benefit to mankind. Unfortunately, the warming trend appears to be over and the world is actually cooling. Many areas of North America are already having snow, which is quite early. There are no sunspots and it is well-known that global temperatures correlate with sunspot activity. The sun has as little sunspot activity as it did during the "little" ice age of the 16-18th centuries.