Monday, October 5, 2009

Bali Updates

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Last Wednesday, September 30, 2009, West Sumatra was rocked by a 7.6 earthquake. The death toll and property destruction in Padang and surrounding areas are of biblical proportions. Geographically, far-away Bali was spared from the destruction. Emotionally, we grieve for our friends and neighbors.

On a more local scene, the big news is that police have made an arrest of a 26-year-old man who abducted and killed a Japanese woman. Badung enforcement officials, after endless threats to do so, have finally started closing down hotels, restaurants and night spots operating without licenses. Bank Indonesia reveals that tourist visitors to Bali are staying for shorter periods and spending less.

Commemorative ceremonies were held on October 1st in Denpasar to remember those who died in the Bali bombing of 2005. Meanwhile, Australians and Indonesians seek funds to buy the site of the former Sari Club to create a "Peace Park" in honor of the 202 who died in the 2002 terrorist attack.

KLM has announced it will resume flights to Bali after an absence of 11 years in December. Flights will be three times a week.

Who’s right? ASITA or ASITA thinks Bali won't hit 1.8 million visitors in 2009, while's data suggests 2 – 2.2 million visitors are almost a sure thing for the current year.

Bali’s governor wants large hotels to start desalinating water. The U.K. Post office has declared Bali a Winter travel bargain. Many Bali tourist class hotels were unable to earn security certification. And, some caring Bali high school students help build homes for Bali’s needy.

There was a Hawaiian Luau on the beach in Bali last weekend to honor the U.S. President. Bali Update girded up its grass skirt and was there.

Calendars ready? There will be a rare gamelan performance in downtown Denpasar on October 8th and a Bali party to follow Melbourne Cup action on November 3rd.

Did you notice the news last week in which autopsy reports on the body of terrorist Noordin M. Top suggested that he was, in fact, a "bottom"? One local pundit took solace in the knowledge that someone had been literally doing to Noordin what he had been figuratively doing to Indonesia for nearly a decade. If police information is correct, this willrepresent a dreadfull waste of 72 virgins said to be waiting Mr. Top's arrival.

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