Monday, October 26, 2009

Bali Updates

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Bali is suffering a draught as seasonal rains are late this year. As a result, 73 of the island’s rivers have run dry and the Water Board (PDAM) is meeting water demand by tapping into already over-exploited subterrain water tables. There’s several articles on the water situation in this week’s edition.

Not unrelated, former Minister of Tourism, Post & Telecommunications Joop Ave sounds reminder to the Balinese to preserve their culture, natural environment and surrounding seas – all key to keeping the island’s tourism industry truly sustainable.

The filming of “Eat, Pray, Love” -starring Julia Roberts, continues in Bali. Governor Pastika has criticized villagers who are coercing money from the film's producers. There’s a separate story from the filming on how difficult it’s proving to cast one of the main Indonesian roles.

Crime appears to be on the rise in Bali. Last week a broad daylight bank robbery took place in Denpasar. We also offer some practical advice on how to protect yourself from a spree of snatch and run robberies done by people who begin by first puncturing your tires.

The reappointment of Jero Wacik to the role of Tourism Minister has brought some tough questions on his past performance and questions about what can be expected during the coming five years, Suggesting a possible new dynamism in his second term, Wacik also lays out goals he wants to achieve in the next 100 days.

We’ve got some valuable information on the current weather situation and the increased threat of water and land spouts. And there's the inspiring story of how an America swimmer continues to work hard to make a positive difference in the life of his adopted homeland.

Mark your calendars. There’s an evening of fine Antinori Wines and a 5-course tasting menu on November 7th at the Ayana Bali Resort; a Rotary Nusa Dua Golf Tournament at the Bali Golf & Country Club on October 31st; and an international festival of meditation in Ubud November 14-15th.

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