Wednesday, August 12, 2009

U.S. to grant Hercules planes for Indonesia

The United States had offered to grant six type E Hercules cargo planes which would be ready to be sent to Indonesia in 2012, Indonesian Air Force said here Wednesday.
Previously, the U.S. government promised Indonesia six types H and J C-130 Hercules planes. Indonesia had been using C-130Bs since 1960 which had arrived in Indonesia in two stages. In the first stage, Indonesia bought eight C-130Bs and two KC-130Bs (air-refueling capability) from Lochheed.

In the second stage in 1975 after receiving a grant from the United States, Indonesia got three C-130Bs along with T-33A jet trainers and helly S-58T under the Defense Liaison Group (DLG) scheme.

The total of 27 Hercules planes in Indonesia are now in service.

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