Friday, August 28, 2009

Thousands flee Burma

The ruling junta and rebel ethnic armies in the remote northeast has
driven up to 30,000 refugees into China, as analysts warned of a full-scale civil war.

China issued a rare admonishment to its southern neighbour and close ally, urging it
to resolve the conflict that has broken out in Kokang, a mainly ethnic Chinese region of Myanmar's Shan state.

A battle between the Kokang rebel group and the government's army began on Thursday in violation of a 20-year ceasefire. The mass exodus began after Myanmar's junta deployed troops in the region on August 8 and now only elderly peoples are left at homes, while at least one Myanmar policeman was reportedly killed during the battle.
30,000 crossed into the Chinese border town of Nansan, in southwestern Yunnan province.

China is Myanmar's main source of military hardware and a major consumer of its vast natural resources, despite Western concerns over the military-ruled nation's rights record.

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