Monday, May 31, 2010

Bali Updates

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Bali prepares for the U.S. Presidential visit. Barack Obama's arrival date is set for June 14th with arrival in Bali a day or two thereafter. There's also coverage of the extraordinary security veil decending on the island in anticipation the arrival of Air Force One and its VIP passenger list.

July 4th is American Independence Day. Stay tuned to this space for details of a special celebration planned for Bali on Sunday, July 4, 2010 - open to all Americans and well-wishers.

Other leading news items this week include the government considering adding domestic and feral cats to the list of animal to be either inoculated or exterminated in the continuing battle against rabies. A vow by Bali Taxis and Blue Bird to "fight back" if they feel their legal rights are being trespassed. A management revamp at State-Owned Merpati and the National Ferry Agency. And, two expatriates facing a possible 2.5 year prison term for property fraud.

There are two articles about Indonesia's Vice-President Boediono's recent visit to Bali, giving insights into his particular liking for the island.

While Boediono was in town to open a major real estate conference, Governor Pastika lobbied hard for funding of a number of major road transportation projects. Separately, others called on the VP to eliminate property taxes on agricultural lands. Details in this week's edition.

In airline news: Mandala Airlines announces an expansion of their fleet and Garuda unveils new uniforms for their cabin staff.

Find out why a major cruise ship company is abandoning East Bali.

Read why a leading Indonesian property magnate heaps praise on Balinese building codes, while others complain of the poor implementation of new zoning laws for Bali.

If you see Julia Roberts, please pass along our personal invitation to join the MRA Bali International Triathlon on June 20th. And, while on the subject of "pretty women," have you heard that the "Miss World" competition will be held in Bali in 2014?

There's photo coverage of a party last weekend that went until 3 a.m. at the new Royal Santrian Private Beach Villas.

Be sure to mark your calendar for two exciting events in June at the St. Regis Bali. On Friday, June 12th, there is rare evening of the very best Italian wines from the Gaja Winery. Later in the month, on Monday, June 21st, the Yale Whiffenpoofs perform in a special charity concert.

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