Monday, January 18, 2010

Bali Updates

Om Swastiastu ...

Margaret Thatcher once predicted that future wars would all be fought over water. She may be right. Read our coverage of tensions flaring in north Bali between two Balinese villages over the use of river water. Another article suggests some small hotels in Bali may be put out of business by current increases in ground water taxes.

There’s very concerning news in this edition suggesting that Bali’s rats may have become a vector for the spread of rabies.

There’s news that there may be changes in foreign ownerships rules for property in Indonesia. Will the constitutional courts allow such a change? Will the changes apply to Bali? Many questions remain to be answered.

Other stories making news this week include the arrest of a man in connection with a series of mini-mart robberies; the rescue of three swimmers from Bali’s beaches hit by high seasonal waves and strong currents; and the seizure of another shipment of human bones by Bali’s custom officials.

Garuda has confirmed its IPO will take place before the end of Q2 2010. We analyze why public transport is failing in Bali while traffic jams are on the increase. And, the Bali traffic police introduce computerized traffic test for people seeking a driving license.

There's information on the total number of tourists, both domestic and international, who visited Bali in 2009, including how long they stayed and how much they spent.

We also tell you about the rewards of sinking a hole-in-one at Bali’s Nirwana Golf course and share details of a coming art exhibition in Jimbaran.

Don't miss the announcement on dates and themes for this year's Ubud Readers and Writers Festival.

If you’re free and in Bali (tomorrow) on Tuesday night, attend a most unusual marriage of painting and live music to be held at Mannekepis in Seminyak in support of Bali’s disabled children.

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