Monday, January 4, 2010

Bali Update January 2010

Om Swastiastu ...

On New Year's Eve, Indonesia's much loved and very colorful 4th President - Abdurrahman Wahid – died.

Tune Hotels speaks up in this week's edition, responding to claims of unfair competition and pollution of the environment.

A caution of a coming terror attack for Bali flashed around the world on New Year's Eve. It proved to be a false alarm on several levels. Read our editorial to find out what happened and why it should never be allowed to happen again.

In less than 5 days after the brutal murder of a Japanese woman in Kuta, Bali police make two arrests proving once again the ability of local law enforcement to bring criminal to justice.

In other news: four cabinet ministers spend working holidays over New Year's in Bali; the Holiday Inn Baruna Resorts creates closer relations with its neighbors; ASITA calls for more direct flight access between Bali and Europe; Southeast Sulawesi opens a tourism information office in Bali and another call for preserving Bali's agricultural lands.

Just some of the stories in this New Year's edition of Bali Update.

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