Friday, December 22, 2017



The “get out of jail free” card of mental health is also used widely in sport where popular AFL and NRL icons can opt for a short period of mental recuperation rather than years out of the sport on drug charges.

The Muslim jihadist has twigged to the same scam as he freely mows down pedestrians without a bomb vest and with no intention to commit suicide. It seems martyrdom is not as attractive, or indeed as necessary, as it once was under a highly successful caliphate.

That caliphate with its sex slaves and other exciting attractions such as beheadings no longer exists but the psycho cult’s firm belief that all non Muslims must be eradicated lives on. It’s easy to kill the jihadist but his idea of global supremacy is much harder… and he and his family are much smarter.

Burke St Mall multiple murderer, Dimitrious Gargasoulas, is also claiming mental health problems

Was yesterday’s atrocity a mere vehicle incident because this Afghan germ claims he hears voices as did the earlier Middle Eastern Burke Street bastard?

What illegal jihadist immigrant doesn't have mental health problems?

Any other murderous scumbag with a clear mind would get life, but not this latest lot of maniacal Muslims where judges find themselves crying over the poor little things as they send them off for further mental appraisal. No doubt they will be afforded the best of mental care until they are released to find new ways to achieve their insane aims.

We are now reaping the “rewards” for accepting Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis from war-torn Islamic States and we now have to deal with second and third generations of these mad men.

The jihadist credo lives on through the family as sure as Catholicism does. The imbued hatred of their host does not diminish with generations, it festers and exacerbates.

We can never expect our judicial prigs with their shiny bums and stupid wigs to rid us of this imported disease. They are too well-fed, safe, and thriving in their Green leafy suburbs.

Our stuttering police force explains it is not terrorism if the culprit hears voices, it immediately becomes a "vehicle incident". Really? If only our police, our politicians, judiciary and ASIO were as smart as the Muslim terrorist.

Yep, PC reigns supreme when it comes to an excuse for clear and present terrorism. We are told not to be concerned and to carry on as usual as we are, “more likely to be killed by a shark or a crocodile”.

Well, the only reason we will be killed by a shark or a crocodile is that, like Muslims, we invite them to kill us. The sound of an outboard engine once sent crocodiles scattering in all directions. Now, they swarm toward the sound of an outboard motor because they know it is a profitable Aboriginal tourist boat with lumps of meat on sticks they are prepared to jump for.

The link between food and people is now set in conservationist concrete.

Willing people are dropped into shark cages in waters crammed with bloody chum and           tuna heads and we wonder why shark attacks are becoming more prevalent.

Artificially feeding dangerous species does not endear them to you… you simply become part of their food chain.

When this sort of tourist madness is stopped we might get around to recognising that the Islamic menace is no different. 

Feed it, nurture it, allow it to build more mosques, provide it with welfare and you simply become an easier, softer, and a more readily available target.

Our Mr Turnbull? Well, he can always repeat, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to blah, blah, blah.” 



Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.

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