Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Featured Advance Book Release: “Alamein: a Trooper's Tale”

Featured Advance Book Release: “Alamein: a Trooper's Tale”

Author: Don Trotman


ISBN-13: 978-1-925230-23-9


RRP $24.95

Sid Harta Publishers, Melbourne Australia



As our two jeeps turned the corner of the fort, we found ourselves looking up at three large eight-wheeler German armoured cars, not ten yards away, their 20mm guns trained on us. At the same instant, a clear voice, with a slightly American accent, called, “Put your hands up, boys!”
Don Trotman was witness to and participant in one of the most significant events of World War Two — the turning of the tide against the forces of Nazi Germany in the second battle of El Alamein in Egypt. He was subsequently ambushed by the Afrika Korps and shipped off to German-occupied Europe as a prisoner of war.
This engaging and warm memoir recounts his many adventures during the war.



Author bio

After a few months pen pushing back at the Admiralty, I became bored, and being a keen amateur photographer, I resigned from the Admiralty and found a job with a photographic studio.
The Australian Government was advertising for ex-servicemen to emigrate to Australia, so I applied at Australia House in London, and in early 1948 I was on the boat to Sydney. There I worked as a photographer with Dayne Studio until 1952, when I married Pamela, a Queenslander, and jointly set up a photographic studio in Brisbane. We had four adopted children.
Encouraged by an architect friend, I took a six year evening course while working in the daytime in architects’ offices. I became a registered architect in January, 1966.
I’m a railway fan from school days, a keen photographer, have been the president of Kingston School for Seniors for eight years, and a life member of Kingston Mens’ Probus Club.



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