Monday, August 21, 2017

ISIS Operating in Bali

At Least 50 ISIS Members operating in Bali reports that security authorities in Bali, based on available data, estimate 50 people living in Bali are members of the Islamic State or ISIS.

These 50 people are said to be living in various parts of the Island.

The presence of ISIS members in Bali was revealed by the Chief of the 9th Udayana Military Command, Major General Komaruddin Simanjuntak, on Monday, August 14, 2017, during a working meeting with the 1609 Military Battalion in Buleleng. Moreover, Komaruddin does not discount the possibility that the actual number of ISIS members living in Bali may be much more.

For this reason, Komaruddin cautioned all areas of Bali to be on guard. “Based on the data we have, there may be more (ISIS members). Compare this to the Philippines where there were 40 ISIS members reported, but after the military emergency of ten days, there were (suddenly) 250 (ISIS members). This means the actual number (could) exceed the estimates. If we are logical, it could be ten times more,” said Komaruddin.

The Military Commander for Bali said the priority must be to put a security system in place for the Island to ensure that every area is safe from terror and radicalism.

”The Indonesian Armed Forces always synergizes with the police including regional governments to put security in place in all regions. So, whatever programs are set up by the Government or the police, the military will support it 100 percent,” said Major General Komaruddin.

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