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Most of the big, multi billion dollar tech corporations around today were started by geeks in America a few years ago. There was nothing special about these geeks except what they had between their ears. Few of them started off particularly wealthy. For the most part, they simply began fiddling with computers and electronics in their parents’ garages.

Most of these geeks were white males. To my knowledge, none of them received any special assistance from the Department of White Privilege or the Patriarchy.

Back in the eighties, fiddling with computers was all screwdrivers and coding. I knew a few geeks. They were all intelligent white males. Socially awkward perhaps, but smart. There were probably some girls somewhere who loved fiddling with computers but I never met one.

There are many things which girls like to do and do very well. There are many things which girls do much better than boys. Computer coding is apparently not one of them. It appears that African Americans and Hispanics are not big on computer coding either.

Women, African Americans and Hispanics are still markedly under-represented in the ranks of computer geeks in Silicon Valley today. The white male geeks who run the big tech companies are concerned about this.

Rather than worrying about making profits or providing a great service, they are devoting efforts to hiring fewer white males. They have teams of “Diversity Officers” who are working on ways to reduce the number of white males that the corporations employ.

The East Asians have been a great boon to these Diversity Officers. East Asians have a higher average IQ than whites. They have a particularly high mathematical IQ. Not surprisingly, they are greatly over-represented as computer programmers compared to their percentage in the population. Nobody is worried about this.

Blacks and Hispanics, who have lower average IQs than whites are under-represented as computer programmers. No-one can seem to figure out why this would be. The big companies are convinced that there is some “institutional racism and sexism” which is stopping Blacks, Hispanics and women from filling these prestigious roles (apparently, being a geek is prestigious these days).

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but the word “diversity” seems to have changed its meaning. It used to mean “increased difference” but in the context of race or gender, these days it just means fewer white males.

If a big tech corporation had a division which was entirely African American, would the Diversity Officer encourage them to replace some of the Black workers with White men to increase diversity? Of course not.

If the number of Hispanics in a corporation increased at the expense of women, would the company report an increase in diversity? Of course not. Diversity today, means less white heterosexual men.

I think I have mentioned this before; words are important. When people start changing the definition of words, you should be afraid. Be very afraid.

Corporations are now fully on board the diversity bandwagon. They have bought into the idea that more diversity means bigger profits. No-one has ever proved this. They seem to think however that if they keep repeating it, then eventually it is sure to come true.

Dogma may be great but it doesn’t make a search engine work or make an algorithm do whatever it is that algorithms do.

Geeks are logical people. Sooner or later they were bound to notice the illogical nature of this situation. Recently, a geek at Google looked up from his computer screen and did notice. He didn’t have much choice really.

Like everyone else at Google, he was being dragged from Diversity Training to more Diversity Training. Diversity Officers were sticking their noses into his coding and generally trying to make him feel guilty for keeping a transgender Congolese dwarf out of a high paying and prestigious job.

James Damore wasn’t originally a computer coder. He was hired after winning a coding competition convincingly. As far as I know, Google didn’t ask him his colour or gender before hiring him. He was purely hired on merit.

When he decided to question Google on their diversity programs, he did it extremely tactfully. He wrote a memo which was very logically laid out. All of his facts were referenced. All of his statements were carefully qualified. His conclusion was that Google might possibly have an unconscious bias and should consider at least listening to diverse opinions.

Google did listen to his opinion. They considered his advice carefully and then promptly proved him right by sacking him.

Despite my sympathy for the unfortunate Mr Damore, I actually see this as a positive. It highlights the left wing, anti-white, anti-male bias in large American corporations. These corporations have always been assumed by the left, to be bastions of the Right-wing, White Patriarchy.

This incident exposes the hypocrisy of these insidious programs and reveals their agenda. James Damon’s colour and gender weren’t the keys to privilege. They were more like a bomb chained round his neck, ready to be detonated any time he opened his mouth.


The greatest irony of this incident lies in the background of Sergey Brin (Sergey is Google’s co-founder and the current CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc.

Brin was born in the Soviet Union. His father and grandfather were mathematics geniuses. They fled the Soviet Union because, as Jews, they were greatly restricted in what they were allowed to study.

According to Brin’s father, "the Communist Party heads barred Jews from upper professional ranks by denying them entry to universities, Jews were excluded from the physics department, in particular, at the prestigious Moscow State University, because Soviet leaders did not trust them with nuclear rocket research."

In stark contrast, America opened its arms to the Brin family. They were given citizenship and complete freedom. Sergey was able to study at Stanford, one of America’s most prestigious Universities.

He was also able to start a business and to become one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. I don’t think Americans expected gratitude from Brin. I’m pretty sure however, that they wouldn’t have expected him to turn on them this way.

Sergey Brin should understand what discrimination is. His family fled from it. If he thinks that white Christian people have some kind of unfair advantage, some special kind of “White Privilege” then how does he explain his own “rags to riches” story.

The Brin family were from the Soviet Union, America’s number one enemy at the time. They were Jewish, they were “other.” Despite this, Sergey powered from the bottom of the ladder to the very top in just a few years.

Yet now he is there, he seems to believe that America is a nation plagued with discrimination? Sergey is determined to stamp out the barriers to migrant success which did so little to limit his own meteoric rise.

This decision looks particularly odious in light of the recent decision by Google subsidiary, YouTube, to partner with the ADL (formerly known as “the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith). to censor hate speech (read “opinions they don’t like”). We all know what they mean by “hate speech.” It will be anything to the right of Noam Chomsky.

The ADL is an advocacy and lobbying organisation for a particular ethnic and religious group. Whilst they may not be burning crosses on people’s lawns, they have a commitment to free speech like Miley Cyrus has a commitment to modesty.

Google has become the world’s information gateway. For Sergey Brin to be installing the head of an ethnic advocacy group as gatekeeper to the world’s information is entirely inappropriate.

The people I feel particularly sorry for are the ordinary Jews of the Western World. I know that this situation will set people off. Once again, there will be a cry going up that “the Jews” are all to blame.

I won’t be blaming “the Jews” for the actions of Sergey Brin any more than I expect people to blame me for the actions of Sarah Hanson-young. Let me tell you, “the Christians” are not much better. I posted this memo on facebook and a Catholic friend told me she was glad that this poor guy lost his job.

I have worked with a number of Jewish people who are fighting for an end to mass third world immigration and ridiculous political correctness.

There are some extremely high-profile Jews such as Avi Yemeni, Ben Shapiro and Milo Yianopolis who are very active against these crazy policies. I was recently invited on to the excellent “Nothing Left” Jewish internet radio channel in Melbourne which, as the name suggests, is totally opposed to the leftist agenda.

I believe however, that Brin and his corporation are involved in appalling discrimination and stifling of dissent. They are also becoming steadily more active in the destruction of free speech and of ideological freedom worldwide. I believe that what they are doing is evil and that silence is consent

Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, "the Story Of Mohammed - Islam Unveiled', http://thestoryofmohammed.blogspot.com.au


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