Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why are AUSTRALIA’S urban Aborigines attracted to Islam?

Which race is the more ancient and primitive? Islamic or Aboriginal? If you said Islamic you had better buy a history book because the answer is the Aboriginal race by around 50,000 years. So why do we still expect a sophisticated response when trillions of dollars is thrown at an Aboriginal race to try to drag it into the 21st century?

Alice Springs councillor Jacinta Price (below) has finally put aside PC bullshit to uncover a culture of Aboriginal child cruelty, partner bashing, and female subjugation to demand a national task force to combat the epidemic of family violence in Aboriginal communities.

“In remote communities, traditional culture is shrouded in secrecy which allows perpetrators to control their victims,” Ms Price said. “While my own family could suffer a violent backlash to my speaking out, it is a national shame Aboriginal male perpetrators are able to use traditional culture to excuse their crimes.”

It is not only the males, as Ms Price says. Females can be equally violent and cruel but that's the feminist angle seeping out.

She continued, “One is expected to pretend that these perpetrators are decent human beings and ignore the fact that they have committed acts of physical and sexual violence against those you love, because to speak out is to create conflict,” she said. “It is apparently far more important not to offend than it is to speak honestly about Australian citizens being killed in this country.”


Aboriginal culture is steeped in ancient barbaric practices, as is Islamic culture, yet neither can be lawfully discussed under our wonderful Discrimination Act. Now that Aborigines themselves have pried open a can of witchetty grubs to display the atrocious acts their family members perform on each other with impunity, poor Gillian Triggs must be having a seizure.

No white person of European heritage can say these things without copping a ‘please explain’ letter from the HRC, but now, when an Aborigine explains it, we might finally begin to understand the depth of Aborigines’ difficulties trying to survive within a white legal system... and who gives a stuff if Triggs gets her ovaries in a knot.

I have said for years in PP that Aborigines cannot be allowed alcohol or any other drug and they must never be locked up. For 60,000 years they have never experienced four walls and a bolt on a door that prevents escape.


They understand punishment, yes, but not the white man’s enclosed punishment where they are often found hanged or asphyxiated by their own hands. Pointing the bone will result in death, but that’s a cultural death in the open and under the sun, or it can be banishment that will also end in death. A culture borne over 60,000 years cannot be bridged in a brief 200 years.

The horrible truth is that the Aboriginal culture will never survive the 21st century and will slowly die through inbreeding. So what’s the answer in the interim? Well, it’s certainly not throwing more billions of dollars at it! And it’s certainly not shifting them into our inner suburbs. Don’t even suggest taking their kids from them or we’ll still be saying sorry in 2080.

Why are urban Aborigines attracted to Islam? Is it because there are cultural similarities? I mean both cultures see their female children as sexual beings at the age of nine, both use the outrageous disfigurement of children as a gateway to adulthood.

Both cultures sexually demean women as mere objects for self satisfaction. Both are violently tribal, and like Bedouins, they are nomadic without a permanent base where crops could be grown and plentiful water reticulated.

The old Aboriginal men of the tribe “educate” the young girls while the old women sexually educate the young boys. Why would they change this practice simply because some white dudes turned up in a boat and forbade it?

The Aboriginal women who spoke of the crisis at the Press Conference yesterday have drawn a line in the red sand. They described reality. But unfortunately it's a circular line  because the Aboriginal race is arguably the most primitive on the planet. No bows and arrows, no wheel, no numbers (except the number “one” and “lots”) no intertribal currency and no answers. It is simply a case of use up what’s here and shoot through to where there’s more.

The answer is there is no answer except that Aborigines will eventually disappear through inbreeding with Europeans. Eventually they will be so few in number so as not to be a political force. 

The opposite is the case with Islam.

The answer to Islamic culture is WTF did you allow them to settle here in the first place for?

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.


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