Monday, February 20, 2012

BALI Latest Updates

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Lead news stories this week include the “re-declaration” of an extraordinary state of alert for rabies after what was apparently a premature lifting of that warning by Bali health authorities last month.

After years of debate, the controversial 2009 Bali Zoning Law is now officially law. Meanwhile, the Gianyar Regency has outlawed Condotel developments. The troubled Bali International Park project may have run out of time, causing its cancellation. In other news, the Blue Eye Karaoke and Hotel Harrad in Sanur have serious problems with Denpasar zoning and tax officials.

The Bali Golf & Country Club at Nusa Dua has closed for an extended period for major rebuilding and renovations.

A major television network in Sydney has issues an ominous warning from a Bali prison official for Australians not to behave badly while visiting Bali.

We also look at why IPO’s are rare for companies in Bali. We examine moves by Badung regency officials to tax restaurants with live music at higher tax rates. Meanwhile, Badung tourism officials are in the process of redrafting all local tourism regulations.

A local association estimates that 40% of the moneychangers operating in Bali are unregistered and illegal.

Culture is a focus in this week’s Update. An activist forum has been established to defend the rights of the Balinese as a simultaneous call is issued to stop marginalizing the Balinese people.

Hotel news include plans for a new US$44.4 million hotel project in Seminyak and English lessons provided to tourism police and hotel workers by the Bali Hotels Association.

Bali is moving towards establishing a Bali Tourism Promotion Board, We’ll tell you why.

In aviation news you’ll read of the worldwide grounding of Australia Air; how Indonesian aircraft purchases dominated in a spectacular way the Singapore Air Show; that while Garuda is curtailing flights to Amsterdam KLM is going daily with their flights to Bali; and Philippine Airlines want to start flying to Bali from Manila.

We’ve also got news on meetings and conferences in Bali, including the coming launch of the Bali MICE Guide 2012-2013.

Looking Ahead:
• “Mellow Yellow” paintings by Sony Irawan at Kendra Gallery through March 18, 2012
• Bali Life Foundation Fund Raising Weekend at Karma Kandara Resort together with chef Luke Mangan February 24-26, 2012
• “Sound of Life” a fund-raising tribute to Ibu Robin Lim – Bali’s very own CNN Hero of the Year on February 26, 2012
• Visit FHT 2012 – a major hotel and restaurant show at Nusa Dua March 1-3, 2012
• 3 Dimensions of at the Ganesha Gallery through April 2, 2012
• Grey Line – Dance and Art meet at the Gaya Art Space in Ubud through March 4, 2012.
• “Adi’s Art” by Adi Bachmann at Adi’s Gallery in Ubud through July 29, 2012.
• BII Maybank Bali Marathon on Sunday, April 22, 2012
• The 6th Annual BIZNET Bali International Triathlon returns on June 26, 2012.
See the exciting video clip on "Devdan – Treasures of the Archipelago" - the latest breathtaking theatrical show opening the Nusa Dua Theatre.

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