Monday, November 8, 2010

Bali Latest Updates

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World news continued to be dominated by the plight of fellow residents of Indonesia affected by the eruption of Mt. Merapi in Central Java. We've got coverage of the ripple effects caused by flight delays and cancellations from that continuing disaster.

There's news regarding the closure of Mt. Batur due to increased volcanic activity on Bali's second highest peak; why 200 cruise ship visits have cancelled calls on East Bali this year; reports of underhanded destruction of shade trees underway in the Kuta district of Bali; and why ferry passengers sailing from Bali to nearby Nusa Penida island are at added risk this month.

If you like number crunching, read the latest installment of "Bali by the Numbers" with foreign tourist arrival results through the end of September.

There's news on carrying capacity at Bali's airport; the nature of foreign investment in Bali; plans to open a nature-sports center on the shores of Lake Buyan; and why a former Indonesia tourism minister says "enough is enough" in terms of Bali tourism development.

Meanwhile, find out why a respected museum curator and artists thinks the local government in Klungkung may be suffering from "tunnel vision." There's an update on the protracted re-construction of the I.B. Mantra Bypass on the US$33.6 million collected from visa-on-arrival fees so far this year in Bali.
We've also got details of an Indian Consulate to be soon open in Bali.

Read our summary report of the Speedy Tour d'Indonesia bike race that ended last week in Bali.

For your calendars: Contemporary dance is on offer at Geok's November 19 & 20; the International Bali Meditators' Festival will be held this week in Ubud; and an exhibition of striking black & white photo by John Stanmeyer for one month from December 9th at the Ganesha Gallery in Jimbaran.
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