Monday, October 25, 2010

Latest Bali Updates

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Concerning reports of violent civil unrest in Bali's north as people fight over traditional land rights.

Against the same backdrop of the stewardship of Bali's land, there are also stories of protests by young Hindu's against those trying to thwart Bali's new zoning laws; a public expression of a suspicion from a leading local legislator that Bali's regents are behind efforts to repeal the new zoning law before the Supreme Court; and an increasing militancy in the area of zoning as lawmakers call for errant buildings who fail to follow the rules to be torn down.

Crime in Paradise? Bali police reveal that crimes committed by foreign visitors are up 39% this year, covering a gamut of illegalities from robbing temples to narcotic violations. The trial of 2 men charged with ATM fraud ends with each getting sentences of 9 years in prison.

Tragic news over the past week include the death of a tourist from Haiti while swimming on Kuta beach and the death of two Balinese men in Kintamani due to a landslide.

Good news for Indonesian residents as the government announces plans to do away completely with the "fiskal" tax. Details in this edition.

In aviation news: Aeroflot applies for permission to operate three flights each week from Moscow to Bali; Indonesia AirAsia is buying 35 new airplanes; and Indonesia prepares for an "open skies" policy to take effect from 2015.

Bali rules! Bali hoteliers and restaurateurs continue to do the island proud winning recognition in the World Travel Awards and from the Miele Restaurant Guide.

There's information about an important new art book in which Bali features prominently and an invitation to be Ghoulish at an October 30th Halloween party in Ubud

There more news on rabies, handicraft exports and cataclysmic trouble brewing on Mount Merapi in nearby Central Java.

Just some of the news in this week's Bali Update.

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