Monday, October 4, 2010

Latest Bali Updates

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Our Bali news beat this week begins with a quiet and dignified ceremony commemorating the 2nd Bali Bombing held last Friday in downtown Denpasar. Also on the topic of terror, Australian and Indonesian special military forces held joint anti-terror drills last week at Bali's airport.

An Australian man with a commercial quantity of narcotics was arrested last week and is now in danger, if convicted, of a date before an Indonesian firing squad. Also in the news, Bali's new police chief gets tough on illegal gambling; promising dismissal to any officer involved in games of chance.

After much discussion, Bali seems to be on track for building underpasses at the Simpang Siur intersection, abandoning earlier plans for an overpass system.

HIV/AIDS totals in Bali now stand at an estimated 7,000 sufferers with heterosexuals listed as thos most at risk of infection.

There are articles on Indonesia's volcanic ring of fire and the threat posed by volcanoes. Indonesia's President came to Bali last week to deliver an address on financial credits for Balinese villagers and bestow praise on the Hollywood film 'Eat, Pray, Love." Good news from Jakarta is that Rp. 3 billion has been allocated from the 2011 national budget for the renovation of the Bali Museum.

Worried about the weather? Read our coverage about La Nina and what it means for Bali weather over the coming months.

Hotel coverage includes a special program in October to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and fight cancer; the Asian Wall Street Journal names 3 Bali Spas to its favorite list of Asian spas; and pictures from a great party hosted by Westin last Friday night.

Looking for celebrities in Bali? Last week American Idol star Adam Lambert took a pause from his 'Glam Nation Tour' to relax in Bali. There's also news of a promised tour by rock mega-stars "Iron Maiden" set for next February.

Closer on your agenda:
A children's concert in support of the Smile Bali Foundation takes place on October 9th.
• Surfers can "Paddle for Peace" in Bali on October 10th
• Q!Film Festival - featuring gay and lesbian films visits Bali October 13-17.
• The BALINALE International Film Festival comes to Bali October 15-19.
• A fashion show featuring Bali's top young designers will be hels in Nusa Dua on October 17.

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