Monday, June 21, 2010

Bali Latest Updates

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If you were in Bali yesterday, I hope you made it to the 4th MRA Bali International Triathlon at Jimbaran Beach. A record 700+ athletes were on hand. We've got a report and photos in this week's Bali Update.

From the news desk: Fraudsters who stole massive amounts from ATM machines in Bali last year get a 1.5 year prison sentence; officials complain that over 30 condotels in Bali are illegally operating; a controversial statue standing on the outskirts of Jakarta will soon be moved to Bali; and the governor wants to put the islands hotel and restaurant tax system on line.

Other stories this week include: Bali has opened a turtle egg hatchery on Kuta Beach; the department of meteorology warns that the "rainy season" will stretch until mid-July; and small hotels in Indonesia fear that planned electrical rate increases may make their operations non-viable.

Misbehaving taxi drivers are still in the news. Governor Pastika takes offense at recent demonstrations that chose to defame both him and the religious life of the Balinese.

The provincial government makes plans to computerize Bali's classrooms by providing computer training to the island's teachers.

Delighted with the strong response to Garuda's return to Amsterdam, the national carrier announces plan to fly to a number of European capitals in early 2011.

Internationally famous designer Donna Karan has just launched a line of Balinese furniture.

If your children are wild, there's hope. Give them a treat this Summer by sending them to Bali's Green Summer Camp in the jungles of Bali.. We' tell you how in this week's edition.

Also, mark your calendar for a sumptuous evening of food and premium Chilean wine on the cliff top of the Ayana Resort and Spa on July 1, 2010.

PLEASE NOTE (again) – due to unforeseen circumstances related to the venue, the organizing committee for the American Fourth of July Celebration has announced the cancellation of that event.

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