Tuesday, March 2, 2010

West Papua Report March 2010

This is the 70th in a series of monthly reports that focus on developments affecting Papuans. This series is produced by the non-profit West Papua Advocacy Team (WPAT) drawing on media accounts, other NGO assessments, and analysis and reporting from
sources within West Papua. This report is co-published with the EastTimor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) Back issues are posted online at http://etan.org/issues/wpapua/default.htm

The West Papua Advocacy Team urges President Obama to use his March visit to Indonesia to call on the Indonesian Government to implement fundamental changes in West Papua where human rights violations and impunity for security force crimes persist.

Reporting from the central highlands in West Papua indicate an increased presence of security force and abusive and corrupt behavior of these forces. Papuans have peacefully demonstrated in large numbers to press demands for the release of political prisoners, respect for human rights, investigation and prosecution of the killing of a peaceful demonstrator, and for demilitarization of West Papua. Papuans also have protested an Indonesian Government plan to seize vast tracts of land for & quote - development and displace many Papuans. The Indonesian government has failed to provide urgent health care for Filep Karma, a Papuan political prisoner. An Indonesian Minister has protested that Freeport McMoran, the giant U.S. mining operation, is operating illegally. Papuans have rejected plans by the Provincial government of West Java and the national government to send migrants to West Papua. It is feared that the transmigrants will use generous government subsidies to out-compete and marginalize local Papuans as has happened repeatedly inthe past in West Papua.

* WPAT Letter to President Obama on The Eve of His Visit to Indonesia
* Indonesian Security Forces Ramping up Operations in Central Highlands
* Papuans Demonstrate to Peacefully Voice Demands
* Indonesian State Pursues Land Grab Targeting Papuans in Merauke Area
* Indonesian Government Fails to Provide Urgent Health Care to Incarcerated Prisoner of Conscience
* Freeport Operating Illegally According to Indonesian Minister
* Papuans Reject Plans for Expansion of Transmigration

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