Monday, March 22, 2010

Bali Updates

Om Swastiastu ...

Hope you spent a "quiet" Nyepi day last Tuesday. Read our article on the village of Tenganan – the Bali Aga village that doesn’t follow the same calendar as the rest of Bali where "Nyepi" was not celebrated last Tuesday.

U.S. President Obama delayed his departure for Indonesia and visit to Bali in order to pass the new U.S. Health Bill. He accomplished that today which means Barack Obama will now be Bali-bound sometime in June 2010.

Other news this week includes a report that Bali may continue to suffer power outages due to the aging infrastructure at the power plants that supply electricity to the island.

Governor Pastika declares war on plastic in Bali. Where do we enlist?

Zero sum game: While arrival numbers are at an all time high, data shows that people are actually staying for shorter periods and spending less on an average daily basis when in Bali.

A young man who posted Facebook comments considered insulting to Bali’s Hindu majority population is in very hot water – details in this week’s edition.

There are indications that Bali’s flying school in the north will soon enjoy a tax benefit when they import training aircraft; Mandala Airlines earns IOSA safety certification; and Lombok’s new airport is suffering delays and won’t be opening this month as scheduled

Hankering to see Julia Roberts in Bali? We have a link to the just-released trailer of ‘Eat, Pray, Love."

Last week’s editorial on Bali’s Taxi war earned a record number of emails. See what people had to say.

Join us and the rest of the world and turn off your lights for one hour at 8:30 pm on Saturday night, March 27 by joining Earth Hour. Details and a link await in your Bali Update.

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