Monday, December 7, 2009

Bali Updates

Om Swastiastu ...

Drama and near-tragedy last Thursday when passengers on a Batavia Air B737 “jumped ship” when an engine began to smoke prior to take-off in Bali. 9 people went to the hospital in an incident in which the airline insists “nothing was wrong.”

Those on the island at the moment may be startled by the large police and military presence circulating the streets. The military hardware and personnel are part of a large contingent mobilized to safeguard an international democracy forum taking place in Bali December 10-11. Details in this week’s Bali Update.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year by candlelight in Bali, whether you want to or not. PLN (The State Power Board) has announced that the current series of rotating power blackouts will continue until at least until January 15, 2010.

And, intheir effort to bring more light to the island, the Bali police are now requiring all motorbikes to operate with lighted headlamps. both day and night.

The U.N.’s World Travel Organization has given Bali a special green tourist destination designation. Read our coverage to find out what that may mean for the island's tourism.

BIMC Hospital continues to stay a step ahead in providing modern medical service in Bali. Their emergency response ambulances are now GPS equipped to help speed the response time on every emergency call.

Need a rest? We have the list of all the official holidays in Bali for 2010.

There also news on an upgrade for four Bali police precincts; an explanation of why strangers will ply you with candy when you shop in Bali; and a dire warning from Dr. Emil Salim on the need for Bali tourism to return to its roots.

Like ready other people’s emails? Then don’t miss this week's installment of “We Get Mail.”

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All this and more in this week's Bali Update.

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