Monday, December 28, 2009

Bali Update New Year

Om Swastiastu ...

For our final edition of 2009, we've got heaps of interesting and thought-provoking news for you.

Over the past days, another Japanese woman has been murdered in Kuta. Similar to the earlier case from several months earlier, police are expected to make an arrest in the case.

The government is reviewing quotas for new taxi licenses following protests by the men who drive the island's taxi armada. The two new "no-frills" Tune Hotels come in for another round of stiff criticism, this time from local parliamentarians. And, Denpasar officials estimate that 75-100 hectares of productive land is lost to residential development each year.

Someone's not listening. Despite the fact that foreigners can't buy land in Indonesia, a Russian national has lost a small fortune attempting to do just that. As a result, two Brits are in jail and a third Indonesian man is being sought by police in the continuing litany of property fraud cases in Bali.

In other news, the Bali Association of travel agents is calling for a crackdown on rogue on-line travel agencies; tourist visitors will be eligible for VAT rebates starting April 1, 2010; local efforts are underway to instill entrepreneurialism into the minds of 6,900 unemployed Bali college graduates; and Governor Pastika sees no alternative but to move ahead with flyovers to ease traffic congestion in Bali.

Don't miss reading comments from a leading Balinese religious figure calling on his fellow Balinese to modernize their religious practice in order to accommodate progress.

Hungry? Be sure to read the 2009 wrap on Bali restaurants in this week's edition.

There's information on Bali's hardworking lifeguards; details of a four-day street festival in downtown Denpasar starting today; some practical trips on traffic on New Years Eve in Kuta and the unique celebration of a "blue moon" to happen on December 31, 2009.

Om Çanti Çanti Çanti Om ...
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