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If Australia thinks it can outspend China in the South Pacific now that the obese Island Jifs (chiefs) have discovered the rising sea-level ruse, then it’s kidding itself. But the three la femme musketeers of Gillard, Bishop and now Payne have given it their best shot. With stolen funds of course… stolen from our future generation.

Let’s get this straight… sea levels have not, and will not, in the next many millennia rise or fall beyond the normal miniscule centimetre cycles. After seven years of helicopter search and rescue operations in the area I can assure you the only sea level rises anywhere have been tsunamis caused by undersea volcanic movement. And you can’t spend your way out of avoiding those.


Hundreds of populated islands, barely inches above high tide, have been there for thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of years. But that won’t stop the ever-opportunistic island Jifs from taking advantage of the current climate change scam encouraged by the fraudulent UN’s IPCC and Left leaning politicians and media.

It’s confounding that an air head like Turnbull’s “little” token female, Marise Payne, has flummed the Stick Insect’s old job. It’s embarrassing. It seems you must first prove to be a portfolio failure to qualify for the plum DFAT post.

UN envoys have assured Island Jifs that they need to express “fear” of “expected” rising sea levels to cash in on this global warming bonanza.

Fear of Australian droughts and floods doesn’t seem to raise one hair on one neck. It certainly doesn’t seem to get Treasury all upset to the extent it would put its grubby hands even deeper into our pockets.

The UN, since it was the League of Nations, has been as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike. But for some reason we need to pay loyalty and royalties to an Islam dominated orgy of greed and corruption as a “responsible” member of the World’s nationhood.

Trump is leading the way out of this Left insanity and the even more Left media is refusing to allow the World to be cleansed of this madness by denying democracy and ignoring the electoral process.

I said to my doctor last week, “surely you don’t go along with this global warming bullshit, do you?” He slipped his glasses down his nose and said, “Well, 97 per cent of scientists can’t be wrong”.

I didn’t bother telling him that the well-publicised 97 per cent was of IPCC “scientists” only (most of whom are neither scientists, nor climatologists, but charlatan warmists on huge UN salaries with massive perks). 

Thirty thousand real scientists and climatologists say it’s a hoax.

Oh well, we are getting there as we watch the EU and UN slowly collapse under the weight of lies and corruption.

ScoMo should get on the Trump wagon, because he resists media collusion.  

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