Wednesday, June 13, 2018


"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

Life, with all its difficulties and unexpected hardships, is still pretty good if you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia. 

 From the very beginning, being in Australia has always made me feel safe - like a healing balm, it has helped me forget those terrible events from my dreadful past.  But sometimes, in the midst of my comfort and ease which I share with my wondrous Aussie friends, my chosen family, something happens to bring back bad memories: a particular scent; the notes of a long-forgotten melody; a turn of phrase; someone’s particular gait . . .and it all comes flooding back, like an evil tsunami.

This Tommy Robinson injustice, in the UK of all places, has shocked me beyond belief!  No subtle memory triggers here, but just an in your face happening.

We’re not talking about some socially backward country!  This is England!!  England for Pete’s sake!  Land of the Magna Carta!  The very bastion of Democracy!  Once a beacon of wonderful civilisation for the modern world.

The mind truly boggles at the disintegration of that once mighty nation.  How can their leader send copious amounts of money to Muslim Syrians wishing them a happy Eid, when her own young girls are in so much danger, a danger perpetrated by the same enemy she wishes well?  She glorifies the enemy within and disregards the misery at home.  One feels totally helpless when faced with the onslaught of so much evil.

"We will never let them change our way of life"

As I watch the Internet, I read of the affront and anger that people are feeling and listen for ANY news in the media - which never comes. I realise how scared I am of the deep silence on the part OF the gagged media and I feel my soul shaking with fear . . .will Australia follow the trend of kowtowing to the Islam to that extent?  Will our Leaders think it fit to incorporate Sharia Law into our Constitution? 

Will they allow our Judiciary to make sweeping arbitrary decisions? Will they summarily jail someone without a trial, just for speaking out about a heinous crime?  Will they only enforce the laws for people who aren’t Muslims?  Why is it Ok for Muslims to offend everybody else, expect a fair go, say what THEY want, yet we are not allowed to complain about their behaviour. Why are we not allowed to tell the truth?  Is there such a thing or word as Christianophobia’?

Why is it ‘Verboten’ and Islamophobic to report and make public the terrible crimes that Muslims commit on an everyday basis in the UK and around the world?  Why is it OK and taken for granted by the Muslim London Mayor for beautiful London to now be known as ‘the' murder capital?

Why is it that these Muslim troglodytes have been allowed to rape and ‘groom’ British girls FOR THIRTY YEARS and nobody has even raised a delicate eyebrow about the situation? WHY???  I really want to know!

Someone accused me the other day, of being a ‘scare monger like Tommy Robinson’!  Really?  I was shocked to realise that I had just met another ultracrepidarian!  Well, he quite took my breath away!

I am left speechless in the face of so much wilful ignorance.  The one thing which terrifies me beyond anything else in the world, is ignorance.  I can see the medieval darkness of ignorance descending like a poisonous miasma on a once vibrant but now dying Europe.

Will we be next?  Another friend asked me if it is too late for us now?  I said yes, it is.  The only way out that I can see, is a blood bath in the form of a civil war fought on several fronts.

I am of the opinion that teaching history, is a way of NEVER repeating our mistakes again.  Sadly, history is not considered an important enough subject to be taught anymore!

For countless years, I have been harping on about the fact that once Muslims have the numbers, they WILL rule us. This was their intention from when they began to invade us.

My nightmare is back, and all the past horrors are all coming to the fore.  I thought I had left it all behind, in that desolate land of violence and hatred for all things Whitefella and Christian.  Like the inexorable shadow of death, it has followed me.

Christians formed the Crusades approximately 400 years AFTER the Muslims went on a killing, looting, burning and raping rampage across Europe, Asia and Africa. Looks like we’re being dragged back to that era.  I can’t see how we can survive as an enlightened civilisation unless we fight for it once more. 

For those of you who don’t believe me and also think I am a scare monger, I urge you to go and have a read in the below link.  There are more than 100 verses of violence in the Quran.

They call them 'open ended', so that you can make of them what you will.  Ambiguity is a very strong Muslim trait.  Reading even a few of the verses will be self-explanatory.  Therein lies the answer to my question of WHY is it Ok for them to do what they do.



I close with a very telling phrase written by W.Churchill, which I think sums it all up.

"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

May the Lord in His heaven have mercy on us all


byk Marie Hudson

Marie has a PhD. In languages and literature. She is a J.P. who is fluent in seven languages and has taught history in Africa and Australia.




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