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Featured Release Title “The Maori Conflict”

Featured Release Title “The Maori Conflict”

Author Seán Hampsey

ISBN-13: 978-1-925230-43-7

Historical Fiction

Sid Harta Publishers, Melbourne Australia



Author Bio:

Sean Hampsey is an 80 year old Irish born Australian who migrated to Australia with his entire family of 14 children (7 boys and 7 girls) in 1960 (Sean being the first born.) His careers include real estate (20 years) Antique shop proprietor (20 years), with various stints as a newspaper Journalist & past editor of a couple of local surburban sydney Newspapers, rodeo rider and many other professions in between.
He has always been outspoken when it comes to social issues, at the expense of his personal freedom, ( being no stranger to her magesty’s Hospitality on more than one occasion.) Which, (he says) qualified him for running for Parliament in the 2003 New South Wales elections. He lives at the base of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Other achievements include: playwright, poet, award winning singer/songwriter (20 albums & 12 singles), actor and published author of the best selling, trilogy, (first part), My Brother Sean (tipped to be adapted to film, soon.)


In the early 1800’s a French veteran of Napoleon Bonaparte’s wars escapes to New Zealand from the penal settlement of New South Wales. After being captured, he chances his way into the inner-sanctum of a powerful Maori tribe. Soon he is within a hairs-breadth of becoming heir to the throne. He is caught-up in a terrifying inter-tribal war, and even as a seasoned campaigner, he is over-awed by the brutality and bravery of it all.
Intertwined through this riveting tale is an abandoned nymph-like white girl who captivates our French adventurer to the point that she costs him his position and standing among the Maoris.
Amidst all of the beauty and savagery that is New Zealand, the author brings the reader with him into the valleys and dells of the lush tropical rain forests, to the snow-capped mountain peaks, and to the peaceful bays and inlets of a country so abundant in natures finery we can touch each dew-drenched leaf and be intoxicated by each delicate plant and flower.
One can immediately feel absorbed in this land,  abounding in beauty in all its untamed forms just prior to white settlement in the late 1840’s.





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