Monday, March 12, 2018

Featured Title Release “A Clear Vision” “Seeing the Invisible: Mehmet T. Madakbas”

Featured Title Release “A Clear Vision”
“Seeing the Invisible: Mehmet T. Madakbas”

Author: Maureen Carolan

ISBN-13: 978-1-925230-35-2


342pp including 24pp photo section

Biography / Memoir


RRP $34.95

Sid Harta Publishers Melbourne Australia

In 1961, Mehmet Madakbas, then an enthusiastic young science scholar, left Turkey for Sweden after successfully receiving a scholarship to study physics at Uppsala University.

Completing his first academic degree in record time, this intrepid young man, who dared to believe in his science, went on to become a successful scientist, inventor and entrepreneur.

In this book of recollections, Mehmet shares his experience as a specialist in the study of imaging and light science. He recounts his endeavours in linking scientific and academic exploration, through to the industry application and the eventual commercialisation of his discoveries and inventions.

Mehmet reflects on pivotal moments in his career by covering a broad range of applications relating to science and business and by analysing the utility and cultural capital that his products created. Mehmet also explores crisis periods and about avoiding collapse or financial ruin through careful and considered business decisions.

This book is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience for both scientific enthusiasts and business entrepreneurs generally. By being open and transparent throughout his journey Mehmet’s story offers guidance and even a degree of mentorship for readers.

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