Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Indonesian Air Force to deploy squadron of fighter jets in Biak over concerns of growing West Papua Independence

5 hours ago

Biak, Papua - The Indonesian Air Force plans to deploy a squadron of fighter jets in the Manuhua Airbase in Biak Numfor district, Papua province, next year after its status has been upgraded to type A from type B.

"Biak will have a squadron of fighter jets. The plan has been incorporated to the TNI (National Defense Forces) chief's program. The program has been notified to Manuhua Airbase," Commander of the Manuhua Air Force Base, Colonel Fajar Adriyanto, said after a get-together with religious figures and journalists at Gunadi Angkasa building on Tuesday.

The presence of fighter jets at the airbase is expected to strengthen state security defense particularly in the Indonesian eastern provinces of Papua and West Papua, he said.

He said the Air Force has made preparations including facilities and infrastructures for the operation of the squadron of fighter jets.

"The Manuhua Air Force Base in Biak has been equipped with apron facility for fighter jets. All the facilities can be used now," he said.

He expressed hope that the squadron of fighter jets, coupled with Air Force personnel including those from Manuhua airbase, Air Force Special Troops of Command Battalion No 464 and Radar Unit No 242 will strengthen security and surveillance of air space in Papua and West Papua provinces. 

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