Friday, January 16, 2015

Ooh! Who let the Dogs Out?


When the Left starts looking for a legacy, look out! Barack Obama has released yet more former high-value Al Queda operatives from Gitmo into reluctant countries that took dirty US money. And these professional terrorists will soon be off to join the others in Yemen to plan further attacks on the West, or does Obama believe they’ll be looking for jobs with a halal compliant KFC outlet.

Failure to keep election promises could be the preferred option when it comes to Barack Obama’s, because keeping them is killing us and there’s still two more years of Islamic madness to come under his doctrine of appeasement.

Here’s how Obama has assisted in the rise and rise of Islamic aggression:

1. He resumed a $1.6 billion military and economic aid package to Pakistan after Osama Bin Laden was found hiding adjacent to a Pakistani military base. The Pakistani who fingered him still sits rotting in a Pakistani Jail as punishment.

2. He asserts that the Islamic call to prayer, is the “prettiest sound on earth”.

3. He grovels and bows to the Saudis who are the creators, supporters and financiers of Al Queda and the Taliban. (The Saudis are also the architects of the $3 trillion halal international extortion racket.)

4. He remains close friends with the Saudis even after they slashed the world oil price to ensure the West’s exploration, extraction and refinement costs became uneconomic.

5. He is determined, using an executive order, to veto the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to US refineries.

6. He assured the Saudis he would do this to keep US energy needs dependent on the largest and most dangerous oil-producing Islamic State on earth.

7. He ignores Saudi human rights violations under its despicable Shariah Law and refuses to even comment on its subjugation of women.

8. He has withdrawn troops from Iraq leaving a vacuum that was always going to be filled by Sunni terrorists.

9. He refused to accept military advice over 12 months that the ISIS was planning a violent caliphate over the Levant.

10. He has started withdrawing all ground troops from Afghanistan leaving thousands of schoolgirls to be slaughtered by the Taliban.

11. He publicly supported the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power in Egypt.

12. He promoted a disastrous Shia Government in Baghdad only to have it replaced by another Shia Government.

13. He has consistently refused to return ground troops to Iraq, ensuring the ISIS’s successes.

14. He has ensured that Shia Iran will move to take up the fight against the Sunni ISIS. (It is already doing so with horrendous implications for Israel.)

15. He has alienated the only genuine ally of the West, Israel.

16. He sent $3 billion in aid to a treacherous Turkey that disallows the coalition use of its airbases in a futile air fight against the ISIS.

17. He prefers the term “workplace violence” to “Islamic terrorism” and will not use “Islam” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

18. He refused to send an Administration representative to the Paris unity march against terrorism.

19. He has alienated and isloated Russia and Syria.

20. He has armed and trained the ISIS, using CIA operatives.

21. He has assisted with Ebola in Nigeria but has ignored the continuing Islamic Boko Haram atrocities.

22. He has allowed China to become the foremost economic power on earth.

23. He has increased US debt to an unparalleled $18 trillion.

24. He has opened America’s borders to all who are able to get there and legitimised those already there.

There are many more than 24 but this is the nub of why appeasement doesn’t work with Islam. You would think with all that Obama has done, and will continue to do for the next two years, that he would be the best friend of Islamic extremists. Far from it.

His weakness (or is it his blind affection for Islam) has only made it stronger, more dangerous and more determined to impose its will on the West and murder as many of its inhabitants as possible.

Tony Abbott would do well to note the folly of appeasement.    

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