Sunday, September 11, 2011

Riots break out in Ambon, three killed

Riots broke out in Ambon on Sunday, claiming three lives and injuring 60 others following a rumor that an ojek (motor taxi) driver was tortured to death by another group of residents in the city.

Three people were killed as police fired shots to stop the riots. Several cars were also set on fire.

National Police had deployed 200 mobile brigade forces from Makassar to Ambon to help safeguard the area and claimed that situation was under control as of Sunday evening.

The riots broke out because of a rumor saying that Darmin Saiman, an ojek driver from Waihaong sub district, died of torture in the Mount Nona area. Darmin was involved in a traffic accident in the Mt. Nona area of Nusaniwe district on Saturday evening and the Tahutey family brought him to the hospital, but he died on the way, triggering rumors of torture.

Riots ensued after Darmin’s funeral, initially taking place in Mangga Dua area, but soon spreading to other areas in Ambon.
Anton said police, military officers, community figures, religious leaders, and the governor had coordinated to reinstate the condition of the capital of Maluku after the riot.
Governor Karel Albert Ralalahalu had reported that everything was under control and that the riot did not spread to other areas as of 4.50 p.m.

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