Monday, July 12, 2010

Bali Latest Updates

Om Swastiastu ...

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Beginning, as always, with the news: PLN has raised electricity rates by as much as 18%, effective July 1, 2010; Garuda – the national airline - needs 600 new pilots for its expanding fleet and route network; local legislators are calling for the construction of a local yacht basin; details are emerging on the location for the new flyover highways to be built at the Simpang Siur intersection; and work is to begin on a renovated Bali international airport in Q3 of this year.

Our hard-working governor continues his efforts to make Bali clean and green. Discussions have been held with Jakarta on their declared readiness to build a natural gas port in Bali to reduce the use of polluting diesel fuel at the island's power plants. On other fronts, there's a groundswell of support for the governor's recent call to eliminate plastic bags from local supermarkets.

A leading voice in tourism circles, Wuryastuti Sunario, says Indonesian airlines are failing to play their proper role in developing domestic tourism destinations. Meanwhile, an important heritage preservation conference in Bali calls for more attention to paid to preserving old buildings across the nation.

The Russians are coming – and in greater numbers – according to new air agreements recently concluded between Moscow and Jakarta.

We've also got results and pictures from an important surfing championship held in Kuta last weekend.

Looking for something to do?

You can celebrate French National Day in Bali on July 16th in Sanur, Bali. In Laramie, Wyoming on Wednesday, July 14th you can "scratch" your Bali "itch" by attending a free Balinese gamelan concert at the University of Wyoming. There's an invitation to join Chris Salans' Chef Table, held twice each week, at his world-renowned Mozaic Restaurant in Ubud. And, enjoy Duval-Leroy champagne, Karat caviar and six courses of fine dining at the St. Regis Bali on Saturday, July 24th.

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