Monday, February 22, 2010

Bali Updates

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Lots of interesting news to share this week. The Blue Bird Taxi controversy continues to heat up with 1,500 local jobs hanging in the balance. Hard battle lines are being drawn between Bali and Jakarta over Bali's opposition to a Jakarta plan to permit the importation of 59 new elephants to various parks and zoos across the island. And, the governor cuts the local tourism promotion budget, labeling visits aboard by cultural art troupes as a waste of money.

Land and land use are back in the news as the Bali Villa Association calls on the government to close commercial villas built under residential building permits; experts estimate that 750 hectares of Bali's agricultural land are lost each year to development; and Gianyar officials stop a villa project being built too close to the shoreline.

There's three article connected to Bali's Ngurah Rai airport: Travel and Leisure Magazine name Bali to an unenviable list of the 12 ugliest airports; changes are being called for in how visas are issued as visitors are spending up to two hours standing in visa lines; and a new book traces the history of aviation in Bali.

Indonesia's tourism minister announces that 90% of the country's museums are unfit for visits while, somewhat incongruously, announcing that 2010 is Visit Museum Year. Meanwhile, a seminar of tourism leader in Bali reviews the many ways in which Bali's tourism industry is mismanaged.

Read why Bali's Governor is in the market to buy a large hotell.

Mark your calendars. May 22nd WBA Welterweight champion Chris Johns is scheduled to defend his title in Bali. And, on June 22nd the MRA Bali International Triathlon returns with the new feature of a half-triathlon for those only 50% prepared to swim for 1.5 km, cycles for 42 km and run for 10 km.

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