Saturday, July 18, 2009

Who is benind the Jakarta bombings?

SOUTH-EAST Asia's most wanted man, militant Islamist Noordin Mohammed Top, is behind the twin bombings of the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, according to Indonesian officials, who have launched a manhunt for the terrorist wanted over a string of attacks since he plotted the first Bali bombings.

As the investigation intensified yesterday, the families of two Australians killed in Friday's blasts Nathan Verity and Craig Senger grieved. A third Australian, Garth McEvoy, has been identified as being at the epicentre of the blast in the Marriott.

The senior anti-terrorism official at Indonesia's ministry for political, legal and security affairs, Ansyaad Mbai, said it was clear from the way the attacks were carried out that Top was involved.

An undetonated bomb and examination of the bomb site have confirmed that the explosives were similar to those previously used by Top.

The undetonated bomb discovered in room 1808 of the Marriott hotel had been installed inside a hollowed-out laptop computer. Indonesia's Detik news yesterday reported that the man who brought the explosives into the hotel had set off the building's metal detectors but was waved through after assuring security personnel that it was his computer that had triggered the alarm.

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