Friday, August 5, 2016

Police have arrested six alleged Islamic State-linked terrorists who reportedly planned attacks in Indonesia and neighboring Singapore

The six, who called themselves Katibah Gonggong Rebus, were detained by the National Police's antiterrorism unit Densus 88 in three separate locations in Batam City, Riau Islands province

The group was led by a 21-year-old known with the initials G.R.D, who purportedly acted as the conduit of funds for terrorist activities from Bahrun Naim, an Indonesian citizen affiliated with the Islamic State group and believed to be residing in Raqqa, Syria. Police also arrested five stooge with the initials T.S (46), E.S (35), T (21), H.G.Y (20) and M.T.S (19).

G.R.D planned attacks in several locations, including the police headquarters, on Bahrun Naim's instructions. G.R.D and Bahrun Naim also planned to fire rockets from Batam to Marina Bay in Singapore.

Police have named Bahrun as the mastermind of the attack that killed eight people in Jakarta in January. Prior to the attack, the police in Bekasi, West Java, arrested several alleged terrorists from a group led by one of Bahrun's men, identified as Abu Mus'af.

G.R.D accommodated two Uighurs, one of whom was deported and another arrested alongside Abu Mus'af in Bekasi.

Nur Rohman, a member of the group in Bekasi, escaped the police raid and in July launched a suicide bomb attack that injured a police officer in Solo, Central Java.

Katibah Gonggong Rebus is believed to have facilitated many Indonesian militants on their way to join the Islamic State group in Syria.

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