Sunday, August 7, 2016

American ship-Indonesia Joint Exercise title in the Java Sea

Documentation - American warships USNS Millinocket. US warship USNS Millinocket preparing to Jamrud Utara docked, Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, East Java, on Monday (01/08/2016). The arrival of the warship types Spearhead in order part of the implementation of joint exercises between the US Navy to the Navy by the name of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) 2016. (AFP PHOTO / Didik Suhartono)


Warships Navy and the US Navy staged a "Sea Phase" in a series of Joint Exercise (Latma) Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) 2016 in the Java Sea on Sunday.

"Sea Phase was chaired by the Force Commander ships Eskorta (Dansatkor) Koarmatim Marine Colonel (P) Ariantyo Condrowibowo as Dansatgas Carat in 2016, along with Captain Hung B. Lee of the US Navy as Commander Combined Task Group or Dansatgasla CaratT 2016, "said Marine Lt. Col. Kadispen Koarmatim (KH) Maman Sulaeman.

In Phase Sea exercises when on Board at KRI Surabaya 591 with Commander Marine Lt. Col. (P) Ari Krisdiyanto the Navy involve an element of which KRI Usman Harun-359, KRI Sultan Iskandar Muda-367 and KRI Surabaya 591.

in addition, the Navy also deployed the air element in the form of Cassa CN - 235 and CN-212, as well as Bell Heli - Heli BO 412 and 105.

From the US Navy involving the USS Buffalo (SSN - 715), USS Spruance (DDG -111), USNS Montford Point (T-ESD - 1), USNS Milinocket (T-EPT-3) as well as aircraft P - 8A Poseidon and Heli MH- 60R.

They did Gun exercise is a series of exercises sea phase or sea phase of CARAT 2016 exercise In the Gun activities, ship involved, namely KRI SIM-367, while the US Navy commissioned the USS Spruance 111.

In this exercise, KRI SIM-367 76 mm cannon fire as much as 20 grains amonisi and 20 mm cannon as much as 100 grains amonisi. While the USS Spruance 111 127 mm cannon firing as many as 20 grains amonisi and 12.7 mm cannon as many as 50 rounds amonisi.

In the shooting targets that have been used are of the Killer Tomato. Gun Exercise is an exercise aimed at testing the weapons capability of the two countries.

Before closing the exercise, Marine Colonel (P) Ariantyo Condrowibowo, Marine Lt. Col. (P) Ari Krisdiyanto and Comdesron7 Captain Hung B. Lee of the US Navy exchange of souvenirs hats from ship each.

Meanwhile, as many as 40 personnel from Battalion 1st Marine Regiment Help Surabaya and 12 personnel from the US Navy speeding development activities at SDN 406 Cemandi, District Sedati Sidoarjo regency, East Java (7/8).

the construction of this school is a series of activities of the Joint Exercise (Latma) with the US Navy (US Navy), entitled Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) 2016.

development activities in SDN Cemandi held on 20 July 2016, until now the percentage has reached 40 percent of activities , while the marines along with USN is currently continuing with installation bagasting beams, stucco walls, the manufacturing order the horses, casting beams, and casting floor terrace.

"In the implementation of development as Commander Elements Task, Captain March Putu Dwi Amir Syarifudin, and Task force Commander renovation Lt. Nasrudin March, while the US Navy that Lieutenant Michele Fitzgerlend, "said Marine Lt. Col. Kadispen Koarmatim (KH) Maman Sulaeman.

In Hawaii (7/8), Multilateral Joint Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2016 also entered the last activity that is Photo Exercise formations consisting of 40 vessels, 36 surface ships and four submarines.

Previous (4/8), closing ceremony (closing ceremony) takes place on the aircraft carrier USS. John C. Stennis, which was attended by Vice Admiral Nora Tyson is a three-star admiral women who served as Commander US Third Fleet and Navy representatives RIMPAC participants.


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