Monday, August 10, 2015

BALI – Latest Updates...Om Swastiastu ...

Nature continues to have the final say in Bali and the rest of the world. Ash from Mt. Raung volcano in East Java continues to wreak havoc for Bali travelers. Last Thursday, a moderate earthquake caught our attention in Bali, but apparently caused no damage. Dengue fever cases – connected in part to uncertain weather patterns, continue to claim lives in Bali. And, insisting that we must protect the environment for future generations, Indonesian Minister of the Seas - Susi Pujiastuti speaks in Bali on the Benoa reclamation project.

In other news: A 79-year-old Australian senior citizen could go to jail for launching a knife attack at a local bar. Bali police reveal that 25% of traffic tickets issued in Kuta and Denpasar are given to foreign nationals. Four Balinese-owned Ayung River Rafting companies have been found to be operating without the required licenses and permits. And, 14 military-style landing crafts used for ferry crossings between Bali and Java have been removed from operations.

Bali’s Governor has appointed two “ad interim” Bupati’s for Badung and Bangli.

There’s lots of news in this edition on tourism targets. Indonesia’s tourism Minister was in town last week promising funds to promote festivals in Sanur and Nusa Penida. Indonesia arrivals as a whole were down in June, casting more doubts over ambitious government plans for stupendous growth in the tourism sector. We also have the latest installment of “Bali by the Numbers” providing detailed coverage of arrivals over the first six months of 2015 to Bali.

Hotel News: The Four Seasons Bali Resort at Jimbaran Bay is offering professionally led tennis clinics through the end of the year. The St. Regis and the Laguna Bali Resort have appointed a director of marketing communications. Sun Island Hospitality Group names an experience local lad to head its sales efforts. And, an environmental group in Bali accuses Badung officials of failing to apply zoning and building codes in the construction of two of Bali’s newest hotels.

Aviation News: Virgin Australia will officially “quit” Bali in March of 2016 and turn over its flight slots to it affiliated Tigerair Australia. The Indonesian government has grounded 6 financially troubled domestic airlines and put 16 more on official notice to get their financial houses in order. The Trans Sarbagita Bus System will begin traveling between Tabanan and Bali’s airport in September. And, Bali Adventure Tours launches is new helicopter operation from a Central Bali base at its elephant Park.

Congratulations to Dick Chandler of Bali Hai Cruises who has been honored by the Australian Ambassador to Indonesia for 25 years of building business bonds between Australia and Indonesia.


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