Monday, July 6, 2015

BALI – Latest Updates...Om Swastiastu ...

Aviation news leads off this edition of Bali Update. Last week saw a tragic crash of a C-130 Indonesian military aircraft in North Sumatra that killed more than 113. Flights from Australia to Bali have returned to normal following several cancellations linked to a volcanic eruption in East Java. Meanwhile, a Virgin Australia flight was cancelled last week when the sudden illness of a cabin crewmember made it impossible to operate a flight from Bali to Brisbane. Four Indonesian airlines are now off the European Union’s blacklist for aviation safety. Garuda will start operating flights from Bali to Wakatobi in August. And, Bali’s Airport has set up a Command Post in the Domestic Terminal to assist travelers during the busing Lebaran Holiday period.

Has the Bali real estate bubble burst? Read our coverage of how property sales have suddenly gone very quiet in Bali.

Our police beat this week: The color-coding of Indonesian traffic tickets is explained and clarified. Bali police will deploy more than 9,000 officers on the Island’s roads over the Islamic New Year period. And, the Bali Police appear to be cutting a fast retreat on earlier pronouncements threatening to ticket Hindu motorcyclists wearing traditional dress who fail to don helmets.

In other news: The Indonesian government announces plans to upgrade and modernize traditional markets across the Country. The Government says it will require Indonesians traveling overseas to register their travels on line starting in August. A New Zealand man is sentenced to 15 years in prison for drug smuggling. And, PLN is worried that the advent of Bali’s kite flying season means sudden power outages lie ahead.

Bank Indonesia says storekeepers who make change in sweets and candies can face fines and jail-time.

Trade officials warn shops in Legian and Kuta selling beer illegally they could have their operating licenses withdrawn.

And Governor Pastika honors nine living icons of Balinese culture at a special ceremony at the 37th Bali Arts Festival.

Who said there’s no good news? In a worldwide survey, Bali ranks among the least expensive places to buy a bottle of beer.

Indonesia has won the right to host the 2015 Pacific Asia Travel Association Mart in Jakarta.

Finally, be sure to read our Editorial asking how the government can get it so wrong when making statistical projections on tourism?

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